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How to choose the right Salesforce implementation partner?

Are you planning to implement Salesforce in your company? Or maybe you are already using Salesforce solutions and want to expand them with new functionalities? In either case, you’ll find it useful to have a trusted company, or implementation partner, whose experts can help you rise above the competition with the help of Salesforce solutions. 

What criteria should you follow in your search for an implementation partner? That’s what today’s article is about.

Experience and certifications

Check whether the partner’s specialists have experience in Salesforce implementation and relevant certifications, such as “Salesforce Certified Administrator” or “Salesforce Certified Consultant”. The certifications confirm the partner’s knowledge and competence and should match your needs. So if you are planning to implement a marketing tool, pay attention to Marketing Cloud certifications, etc.

graphic showing Salesforce certification
Here’s the path professionals must take to become a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.
Image source: Salesforce.


Ask for testimonials from other customers who have worked with a particular partner. Testimonials and reviews can give a real picture of the quality of the partner’s services and approach to implementation.

Understanding of the industry and processes

The partner should demonstrate an understanding of the industry in which your company operates and a willingness to learn its business processes in depth. This will allow Salesforce to be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Project effectiveness 

Ask about the history and effectiveness of previous Salesforce implementation projects. The partner should be able to provide examples of successes and describe how they have helped other companies achieve their goals.

Complete team

Make sure the partner has the right team of experts, including Salesforce administrators, developers, and integration specialists. It is important that the team has the right skills to handle all aspects of the project.

Support and training plan

The partner should offer a post-implementation support and training plan to ensure that users will skillfully use Salesforce to its full potential.

Accessibility and communication

Check how the partner communicates with customers and how available they are for questions or problems. Clear and effective communication is key during a project.

Image source: Salesforce.
Your implementation partner’s team should be communicative and supportive. Image source: Salesforce.


Each of the above roles has its place in a Salesforce implementation project. The success of the project depends on the professionalism of the people, so get to know the competencies of the project team members before choosing an implementation partner. And if you want to learn more about Salesforce implementation pricing, click here.

Contact me – I will gladly share additional information about the roles in the Salesforce implementation project and answer your questions!