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ZPC Otmuchów boosts Sales processes thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Tableau

ZPC Otmuchów S.A. is a leading manufacturer of confectionery and salty snacks for the B2B sector. Since 2010 the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and for over 50 years it has been maintaining its leading position among manufacturers in the industry. ZPC Otmuchów S.A. partnered with Cloudity in order to streamline their offer creation and sales processes.

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no single price list for all products;
lack of consistent offering in one place;
no standardized design of offers;
lack of clear sales data;
no single source of truth – all information kept in different Excel files;
lack of a centralized reporting tool;
no consistent processes across all departments;
lack of internal communication;
business decisions based on gut feeling rather than insights from data;


Project scope

improvement of:

lead management – lead conversion, aggregation from various sources and their processing;
contact and account management – aggregation of company information and related contacts;
sales processes – the creation of two sales paths:one for import, second for export, with a single sales process for domestic and international offers;
case management – management of customer complaints in one place, including the approval process;

As well as:

creation of sales process staging – possible view of what stage each business opportunity is at and what revenue it brings at that stage;
unification of offer layout – from the different templates we have created one, which adjusts to the content of the offer;
Salesforce-Outlook integration – synchronization of accounts and leads;
Salesforce-SAP integration – it allows our customer to synchronize data between accounts, orders and invoices;
introduction of a “command center” to track the progress of sales and negotiations;
Tableau is now the single source of truth about company performance;
more insight-driven decision-making policy in the company, more certainty in business decisions;
reduced Time to Insight (TTI) due to the implementation of Tableau – no more Excel-based reporting.



more efficient generation of offers thanks to standardized design;
Salesforce as one source of truth for sales reps;
ability to report on sales and complaint processes, budgeting and compiling reports into dashboards;
integration of Salesforce with the customer’s financial and accounting system;
automation of notifications for key account managers – e.g., alerts two weeks before the contract ends;
product and price book management – product prices with discounts in one place in Salesforce;
possibility to add product pictures in the price book in a simple way;
automated reporting thanks to Tableau, which allows our customer to track their data across different systems;
creation of two Tableau dashboards in order to track sales and product performance;
comprehensive Tableau workshops – the customer can now develop any dashboard they need.

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  • waste of time on preparing offers,
  • e-signature tool not integrated with the sales process,
  • inconsistent SaaS metrics,
  • frequent human errors during quote preparation,
  • quote templates stored as Word documents (manual updates necessary),
  • limitations on available pricing methods,
  • no standard place to track the Quotes history,
  • time-consuming review of agreement details (products/terms…),
  • lack of streamlined process for subscription management (e.g. upsell, cross sell),
  • no automatically triggered renewal process – obstructed revenue forecasting.

Project scope

  • The implementation of:
    1. CPQ for New Business as well as Amendment and Renewal processes:
      1. Quote Approval Process configured,
      2. Product Catalog configuration for recurring business,
      3. Opportunity and Quoting process automations,
      4. Order / Contract process automations,
      5. Amendment / Renewal process automations,
      6. SaaS metrics calculation.
    2. Easily configurable CPQ Quote Templates and integration with DocuSign e-signature solution for sending the Quote PDF.
  • The project also included:
    1. The calculation of CPQ Contracts and Subscriptions for legacy Contracts migration from FinancialForce,
    2. Support in integrating NetSuite with Salesforce.


  • Full financial picture of the Company,
  • Accurate contractual data,
  • Reduced manual work,
  • Facilitated monitoring of sales deals,
  • Easily customizable reports,
  • SaaS metrics (ARR, Churn) calculated accurately,
  • Many automations built – everyday work is now easier.

Mirosław Pencak

Director of Process Development and IT

What does our client say?

We had an excellent experience working with Cloudity. They were willing to share their knowledge and experience, which helped us build internal competencies in the area of configuration and Apex. The project was completed on schedule, which does not happen often in IT projects