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Data Analytics

98.6% of executives indicate that their firm aspires to a data-driven culture…  while only 32.4% report success.

Would you like to be part of 32.4% that succeeded in data-driven decision-making?
Do it with us.

Rate the importance of insights your data brings you, set up a data strategy, and achieve a Data-Driven Culture, allowing you to see and understand your data at scale.

Service Spotlight

Our dedicated Data Analytics team will help you understand the data you gather, guide you through the process of setting up your data strategy, and provide you with the necessary tools. Achieve analytics at scale, which is data-driven decision making, strategy, and process improvement. You will gain widely used and highly available data being a source of truth for every decision.

Deriving mission-critical insights become daily practices for most people in the organization, creating unprecedented advantages in process optimization and business decision. We want to invite you to begin your data maturity journey with us and achieve a unique competitive advantage due to highly data-driven decision-making.

Why Choose Data Analytics?

Can you relate to these challenges? Our Data Analytics team will help you overcome them!

Lack of trust
in data

There are few sources of truth in the organization, however, the data cannot be trusted fully, there are tons of assumptions to each data insight. People argue about whose data is correct.

Puzzle View
– data is siloed

Knowing something about Sales from CRM, about Finance from ERP, and about Marketing from Google Analytics, but the sources are scattered and the pieces of puzzles are lacking for the whole picture.

Never looking
at recent data

A delay in collecting data from various systems means that business-critical metrics are updated once every few weeks and with a delay in relation to the actual state.

Data infrastructure
management is a headache

Managing the server infrastructure, database load and maintaining tools seems to be a big obstacle between you and effective analytics.

Decisions based
on gut-feeling

The vast majority of your business-based decisions are not backed by metrics, facts, or figures related to your aims, goals, or initiatives that can ensure a stable backbone to your management reports and business operations. Data-driven decision-making is not visible at any level of the organization.

Wasting time
on operational activities

Reporting and analyzing data are time-consuming. Tasks are repeatable. You and your organization do not have time for learning new software or looking for a Data Specialist. You are struggling with creating dashboards that are easily and regularly updated. You lack fast insight into real-time data.

We have a lot of data,
and so what?

Industry media and webinars are constantly talking about AI and machine learning, and you still don't know what direction to take to get the most out of your data.

Queuing for
reports and insights

Many of the questions and projects in an organization require data knowledge and analytical skills, but the availability of experts becomes a bottleneck. Performance and processes are out of control, as reporting is usually prepared when something breaks. It takes a week or a month to acknowledge that.



Combine and unify your data into one single source of truth.

It is normal for organizations to have multiple data sources and systems. One of the biggest challenges is creating an environment where business-relevant data is delivered to one manageable data layer opening up a number of analytical and optimization possibilities.

Let people see, understand and analyze data

Multiply your organization’s analytical capabilities by democratizing data access and letting users use state-of-art self-service analytics. An organization using and trusting data on a daily basis is a foundation of data culture.

Reduce the costs of manual work

We believe your team can achieve great things if they can focus on the essence of the business instead of reworking the data in spreadsheets. Let the right tools take care of their manual tasks.

Take the next step towards being data-driven

It does not matter if you are still struggling with the scattered sheets or if you are considering implementing predictive algorithms. We will help you determine where you are, where you are going, and what you need to use the potential of your data.


data-leading organizations are 3x better than their peers at finding and connecting with data.


of respondents from data-leading organizations are very or extremely satisfied with investments in data capabilities compared to the data-aware group.


of respondents from data-leading organizations feel confident about getting data and analytics help when they need it.

Action Plan

We would like to take you to the highest Transformational Level of Mature Analytics and Data Culture, where Data and Analytics are an indispensable fuel for strategy, performance, and innovation

Analytics Vision
Where are we heading?

Every significant change starts with a bold idea. Together, we develop the initial vision of analytics in your organization, taking into account the specificity of your business, essential needs, and the strategic context of development. Can you imagine how exceptional your level 5 abilities will be?

Map of your data ecosystem
Where are we now?

To manage an organization based on data, 1s and 0s alone are not enough. We believe that every organization creates a data ecosystem that, apart from data itself, consists of its users, systems, existing initiatives, and business goals. Together with our clients, we use this holistic approach to map their ecosystem to better understand how they generate and use data, navigate change, and identify crucial areas to address on the journey to mature analytics.

Data Initiatives Roadmap
How do we get there?

Knowing what we want to achieve and where we are now, together with our clients, we ask ourselves how to get there. We develop a roadmap of subsequent initiatives, which are the essential steps to mature analytics, recommend state-of-art solutions, prioritize them due to their business effect and costs, and impact on the data ecosystem.

Implementation projects
Getting there step-by-step

Let us transform that vision into actions by the implementation of state-of-art analytics tools and data products. Our team of architects, consultants, and developers will help you implement co-created initiatives utilizing the capabilities of the market-leading Salesforce ecosystem and its technology partners. We will take care of your data integrations, set up business analytics platforms, implement data modeling solutions, and consult you on how to use their full potential to generate insights and optimize decisions.

Comprehensive Project Scope – Individual Approach to Meet Your Requirements

We focus on both Technical Enablement and Data Culture to help you achieve Analytics at Scale to ensure that the implementation covers everything.

Technical Enablement

Safe, available, and scalable tools enabling company-wide governed access to data and analytics

Data Culture

Data treated as strategic assets, analyzed by people in the organization becomes a catalyst for organization-wide improvement.

We are proud partners of Tableau – the world’s leading Business Analytics provider. Find more about the unified analytics platform below:


The market-leading analytical platform that enables users to connect to data, analyze it, and share findings with ease. Widely adopted becomes the single source-of-truth platform for organization-wide analytics and central point of collaboration spurring the development of Data Culture.


Client Success Stories

See how our customers overcame their challenges thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud.
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Cloudity was responsible for customization of Salesforce platform to correspond with Aava Mobile GmbH needs, configuration and development of Salesforce solution for supporting the support team and bringing them convenient working conditions, configuration and development of Salesforce Communities solution for Aava Mobile's customers and partners.
I confirm the proper quality of delivered services as well as the necessary knowledge and experience of consultants who led the project. I recommend Cloudity as a Salesforce consultancy services provider.

Sven Johannsen
Chief Sales Officer, Aava Mobile GmbH


AMX Germany GmbH started the cooperation with Cloudity at the end of December 2020. We entrusted Cloudity with the implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The goal was to implement the solution at the earliest convenience. Therefore, the project was conducted in the agile methodology to provide more flexibility as well as efficiency to achieve optimal results.
The project lasted a month and the solution was released after a three-week implementation.
We are very pleased with the results of the project and recommend Cloudity as an experienced and trustworthy Salesforce consultancy services provider. Our cooperation has been very productive and we are looking forward to working with Cloudity in the future!

Sebastian Paasch
Managing Director, AMX Germany GmbH

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