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What you need to know about Salesforce training

Have you implemented Salesforce tools in your organization and want to maximize the chances of full user adoption of the platform? Or are you already using this ecosystem, but you feel that your team is not using its full potential? Consider Salesforce training led by certified Cloudity specialists!

When to decide on Salesforce training?

Salesforce is an advanced CRM platform that offers many features and possibilities. To fully utilize them – for example, in acquiring new customers or improving daily business processes – your employees must be very familiar with the solutions offered by Salesforce.

Training will be an obvious choice if Salesforce is a new system implemented in your organization. When the company’s management makes the decision to implement Salesforce, all of its future users should be properly trained in how to use the new solutions to maximize the capabilities of the platform and ensure its efficient use.

The screen shows a woman participating in an online meeting, with thumbnails of other participants to the right
Salesforce training can take place both on-site and online

Companies are also in a situation where the Salesforce ecosystem is already implemented, but for various reasons, it is not yet being fully utilized by employees. Training is a way to break down user resistance to new tools and show their capabilities and the benefits of using them in everyday work.

Training is also a good choice if there is a demand for a Salesforce platform administrator in the organization. This happens when Salesforce is present in the company, but its use has not been a priority so far. It is a good practice to have someone in the organization who is well-versed in Salesforce – their role is to support users and ensure the platform’s development.

Why is it worth training your employees to use the Salesforce platform?

While understanding the principles of how Salesforce solutions work at a basic level does not present many difficulties, reaching the highest level of sophistication can be a challenge. Training in the use of the Salesforce platform has many benefits – less and more obvious. 

Here are a few of them.

Increased productivity and efficiency of employees

Salesforce training allows employees to understand how to use this advanced CRM platform. They learn to better manage data, processes, and customers, which translates into increased productivity and efficiency of work.

Better customer service

Salesforce allows you to collect, store, and analyze customer data, and with the right training, employees improve their qualifications in terms of customer service. Your specialists have access to the full history of interactions with the customer, their preferences, and needs, which allows you to tailor the offer to their requirements.

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Maximizing ROI or streamlining sales and customer service processes are just a few benefits of Salesforce training

Shorter sales cycle

Salesforce training allows employees to better manage the sales process. This allows you to shorten the time needed to finalize the transaction and ultimately – increase the company’s revenue.

Maximizing ROI

Training employees in the use of the platform can increase the efficiency of using this technology and help the company maximize the return on investment.

Integrated data management

Salesforce enables integrated data management, which allows for better analysis and reporting. Training helps employees understand how to effectively use data, which in turn leads to better business decisions, as decision-makers are based on data, not intuition.

Adapting to changing market needs

The market and competition are constantly changing. Salesforce training allows the company to adapt to new trends and challenges in a dynamic business environment.

Training employees in the use of the Salesforce platform is an investment in the success of the company. 

Salesforce training allows you to:

  • improve productivity,
  • increase customer satisfaction,
  • shorten the sales cycle,
  • increase profits,
  • better manage data,
  • and adapt to changing market needs.

After implementing Salesforce, it is also worth considering change management, which you can learn more about by clicking the banner below.

A few words about Salesforce training at Cloudity

Our specialists are certified consultants in the field of various Salesforce solutions, such as Sales, Service, or Marketing Cloud. They efficiently prepare and conduct training, and they also adapt to you – you independently choose the dates of training and their form (live or online).

In the case of cooperation with Cloudity, you also define the scope of training. However, we will mention that our goal is to maximize the reflection of real situations in which people using Salesforce will find themselves in your organization – that is why we most often train users in the following areas:

  • case handling;
  • adding and editing customer accounts;
  • tracking the history of interactions and transactions with customers;
  • creating tasks and assigning them to the appropriate people;
  • creating personalized dashboards with key performance indicators;
  • implementing marketing campaigns and tracking their results (in the case of Marketing Cloud).

Would you like to know more? Schedule a free consultation, during which I will answer your questions and dispel any doubts about Salesforce training!