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About Us

We believe that people that share deep values and act in an empowering, trustful environment, can transform the reality we live in.

Our Mission

To facilitate digital maturity, and let organisations unleash a better human experience.

Vision And Values

We Want To Build
A Culture Of Digital Leaders

To become successful, digital transformation requires empowered and skilled leaders. And because leadership is a tough but extremely fulfilling job, we:

  • treat every employee as a leader, giving power and responsibility;
  • create long-lasting relationships built on trust, and we do not judge based on assumptions;
  • question and understand the purpose and methods of every action we take, and everyone is free to express opinions and give feedback;
  • set high standards for ourselves, our customers, and partners (we spare no one!);
  • prioritize the success of our initiatives, but we know that to be effective we need to take care of ourselves too.

We Want To Set The Standard
For Digital Consulting

Organisations should have access to qualified digital experts that
they will trust, so they can remain focused on what they do best.

  • We listen to our customers to perfectly understand their pains and needs.
  • We have courage to speak out the tough truths or “take a bullet” if necessary.
  • We are transparent in our goals and actions.
  • We explain tough topics, like a customer’s position in the digital maturity journey, in a simple, ideally visual way.

We Want To Always Be
One Step Ahead

Because to stay mature in an always-changing world means one needs to grow all the time.

  • We constantly seek improvements, accepting change as a natural part of our lives.
  • We are fast in bringing digital innovation with the potential to put our customers ahead.
  • We are determined to deliver what we promised and to effectively provide the highest quality products and services.
  • We never stop improving our communication, subject matter, and technology skills.

We Want To Develop Communities

Because cooperation gives better results than competition. And there is scientific proof of this.

  • We take care of our inner circle, staying open to cooperate with people outside of it.
  • We support local communities in cooperation with responsible behaviours.
  • We eagerly share our knowledge inside and outside, developing knowledge- and an experience-focused community of experts.

We Want To Be Efficient

Because any beautiful idea, to become real, requires excellent efficiency and means.

  • We make decisions based on raw facts measured with data.
  • When managing people, we strive to listen to them and perfectly understand their needs.
  • We hire only candidates with the highest potential and perfect cultural alignment, false positives are worse than false negatives.

Meet Cloudity’s Founders

Paweł Sobczak


Andrzej Chodor


Who Are We?

Get to know us and check out how our specialists help customers achieve their business goals.

We implement
Salesforce Technologies

We listen to our customers and deliver solutions tailored to your needs. For years, we’ve been providing our clients with cutting-edge technology and supporting them in their pursuit of business excellence.
With the right mindset, experience, and tools, we can achieve even more than initially possible. Watch the clip to learn a little bit more about who we are and what we believe in.

We specialize in
Business Consulting

As a Partner of Salesforce, we develop the Salesforce ecosystem in many countries around the world.
We have offices in Warsaw, Berlin, and Stockholm and have been successfully executing projects on international markets since 2014.
Every day we help our clients increase sales, achieve operational excellence, and grow their businesses.

Let’s get your project started with a
professional implementation partner

Get in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you


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What Our Clients Say?

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If you aren’t working with Cloudity,
you’re missing out, groundbreaking stuff.
I am very pleased …


Cloudity was responsible for customization of Salesforce platform to correspond with Aava Mobile GmbH needs, configuration and development of Salesforce solution for supporting the support team and bringing them convenient working conditions, configuration and development of Salesforce Communities solution for Aava Mobile's customers and partners.
I confirm the proper quality of delivered services as well as the necessary knowledge and experience of consultants who led the project. I recommend Cloudity as a Salesforce consultancy services provider.

Sven Johannsen
Chief Sales Officer, Aava Mobile GmbH


AMX Germany GmbH started the cooperation with Cloudity at the end of December 2020. We entrusted Cloudity with the implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The goal was to implement the solution at the earliest convenience. Therefore, the project was conducted in the agile methodology to provide more flexibility as well as efficiency to achieve optimal results.
The project lasted a month and the solution was released after a three-week implementation.
We are very pleased with the results of the project and recommend Cloudity as an experienced and trustworthy Salesforce consultancy services provider. Our cooperation has been very productive and we are looking forward to working with Cloudity in the future!

Sebastian Paasch
Managing Director, AMX Germany GmbH

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If you aren’t working with Cloudity,
you’re missing out, groundbreaking stuff.
I am very pleased …

Our Clients

Our Social Responsibility

At Cloudity, we believe that combining technology, business, and social responsibility is one of the most valuable ways to have a positive impact on local communities and social sectors.

We commit our profits, time, and services to building a responsible culture. We know that sharing leading technologies contributes to strengthening the concept of social responsibility.

Company Social
Responsibility Programs

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global program which provides entrepreneurs with an easy to implement framework – donating 1% of a company’s time, product-profit or equity to any charity organization of their choice.

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& Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce helps nonprofit organizations manage their missions, giving them access to Nonprofit Cloud.

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Pro Bono

As part of our CSR strategy, we offer pro bono services for
Nonprofit organizations. With that, NGOs are provided with Salesforce professionals to help with their Salesforce implementation and receive general consulting help.

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Giving Back

We spend our time spreading our commitment to knowledge, heart and passion to help others.

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