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Revenue Cloud

Automate your quoting and billing processes, save time, avoid mistakes and create a PDF offer with one click. Revenue Cloud combines Salesforce CPQ and Billing. Find out more about this complete financial solution.

Service Spotlight

Have you ever felt that quoting was just taking too long? Do you think your customers are impatient with how long it takes you to create an error-free quote, let alone send them the PDF document?

If so, it means you’ve not used Salesforce Revenue Cloud – an advanced solution from the Salesforce ecosystem, consisting of CPQ and Billing.

The CPQ portion of the tool streamlines the sales process, enables your teams to close deals faster, and helps them avoid typical human errors.

On the other hand, the Billing portion, saves the time of your finance team – every time a deal is closed, Billing users are automatically informed about it. Finance can easily invoice the correct amounts as all the necessary transaction details are seamlessly transferred from CPQ to Billing.

Revenue Cloud also empowers your customers! With this tool, you can create an online store so that customers can buy from you on their own, without involving sales representatives.


Do the pains we describe here sound familiar to you? If so, you can solve them quickly with Salesforce Revenue Cloud!

Difficulty In Scaling Your Business

If you are working with spreadsheets, there is a good chance your business will not grow as you would expect and hope for. You need an efficient tool to track your KPIs and metrics in order to achieve your business goals.

Long Time-To-Quote

When you use several systems for quoting, the whole process takes too long and you might get outrun by the competition who will send their offer to the prospect faster. Having data in silos also means you have to export information between different tools to create a quote – an unnecessary waste of time.

Problematic Upselling And Renewals

Renewals of subscription-based products… Doesn’t that sound like a challenge? Having complex product configurations on offer does not make your life easier. What about upselling with your current tool? Can you maximize your profits with it?



Imagine having a powerful, user-friendly tool that will allow you to create complex quotes from an extensive product catalog, add various product options and add-ons, calculate the margin and export the created offer to PDF in one click. And doing it flawlessly the first time, in a matter of minutes. Such a tool exists! It’s called Salesforce Revenue Cloud, the ultimate quoting and billing solution.

Stop wasting time on quoting, manual activities, and admin work

Automate quoting and billing processes

Forget about working with spreadsheets

Enjoy seamless upselling and quote renewals

Flawlessly update product catalogs

Have a 360-degree view of your customers

Gain insight and track your SaaS metrics and KPIs

Grow your business at the pace it deserves

Provide your B2B customers with a B2C – like experience

Action Plan

customer needs

Whenever a customer reaches out to us, the first thing we do is try to understand their needs and challenges. While there are similarities in the business processes in companies in a given industry, we know that a deeper understanding is crucial.

At Cloudity, we have a team specializing in Revenue Cloud consulting and implementation. Thanks to this, we can address their everyday challenges and propose effective solutions that solve them.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Demo

Take a look at how Salesforce Revenue Cloud is changing the lives of revenue managers, regardless of the size of the company and the pace at which it’s growing.

In addition, Revenue Cloud makes life easier for customers – the smoother the processes in the company, the better the service and the shorter the time deals are closed. And no customer likes to wait, that’s for sure.

See how easy selling can be with Salesforce
Revenue Cloud!

Revenue Cloud Live Demo
Meet your future Revenue Cloud platform!


Client Success Stories

See how our customers overcame their challenges thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud.
We encourage you to read the success stories below!

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Cloudity was responsible for customization of Salesforce platform to correspond with Aava Mobile GmbH needs, configuration and development of Salesforce solution for supporting the support team and bringing them convenient working conditions, configuration and development of Salesforce Communities solution for Aava Mobile's customers and partners.
I confirm the proper quality of delivered services as well as the necessary knowledge and experience of consultants who led the project. I recommend Cloudity as a Salesforce consultancy services provider.

Sven Johannsen
Chief Sales Officer, Aava Mobile GmbH


AMX Germany GmbH started the cooperation with Cloudity at the end of December 2020. We entrusted Cloudity with the implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The goal was to implement the solution at the earliest convenience. Therefore, the project was conducted in the agile methodology to provide more flexibility as well as efficiency to achieve optimal results.
The project lasted a month and the solution was released after a three-week implementation.
We are very pleased with the results of the project and recommend Cloudity as an experienced and trustworthy Salesforce consultancy services provider. Our cooperation has been very productive and we are looking forward to working with Cloudity in the future!

Sebastian Paasch
Managing Director, AMX Germany GmbH

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