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Salesforce Licenses – What You Need to Know?

Licenses and subscription models have a significant impact on the cost of implementing Salesforce solutions. License costs can vary widely depending on the scope of functionality, the number of users, and additional modules. Salesforce offers various license packages and subscription models, which we describe below.

Types of Salesforce Licenses

Within the Salesforce ecosystem, there is a variety of licenses that allow companies to tailor their tools to specific tasks and business needs. Below is an elaboration on the mentioned types of licenses:

Standard License Packages

Some Salesforce solutions, especially those with a narrower range of functionalities, may offer standard license packages with fixed prices. These out-of-the-box packages are designed for companies that do not require customization of the solution. The price is known and non-negotiable.

This is an ideal choice for small businesses or those that require basic tools for customer relationship management.

The basic functionalities offered by these off-the-shelf solutions include:

  • Customer data management;
  • Creation and tracking of business opportunities (opps);
  • Contact management;
  • Basic data analysis.
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Salesforce offers out-of-the-box solutions where the license has a pre-set price.

Advanced and Customized Solutions

For Salesforce products with more advanced functionalities and customization capabilities, the license cost is individually determined based on the specific client’s requirements. These solutions are aimed at companies with more complex business processes and specialized needs. The scope of individual implementation includes adding extensions, integrating with existing systems, customization, and additional support and services.

Advanced functionalities of Salesforce products include:

  • Custom workflows;
  • Custom fields and objects;
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.

The ability to choose different types of licenses allows companies to tailor their Salesforce environment to the specific tasks and needs of different departments. It’s essential to carefully analyze which features are necessary for a given role and how a particular license can contribute to more efficient work and achieving business goals. The right choice of license enables a company to maximize the potential of Salesforce tools.

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If you decide on more advanced and personalized Salesforce products, the price will be determined individually.

Factors Affecting Salesforce License Costs – Why Are Some Prices Determined Individually?

Several factors influence the price of Salesforce product licenses.

Type of Solution: Some products, such as Marketing Cloud or Commerce Cloud, have more complex and flexible pricing options than others, such as Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.

Number of Cloud Users: The more users of a product, the higher the license cost. However, discounts can be negotiated based on the number of licenses and the length of the contract.

Functionality: Each product has multiple pricing plans that differ in the scope of functionality and customization capabilities. The more features and configuration options you need, the higher the license cost.

Add-ons: In addition to the basic product features, you can also purchase additional services or extensions, such as:

  • Analytics (Tableau);
  • Integration with other solutions you use;
  • Artificial intelligence (Einstein AI);
  • Technical support.

Each add-on has its price and affects the final license cost.

Different business models and the scope of functionalities of individual solutions

A good example of individual license pricing is Marketing Cloud (B2C marketing tool). In this case, the price depends on the number of messages sent to individual customers (SMS, emails, push notifications, WhatsApp messages, etc.), and also on how many additional modules you decide to add to the basic Marketing Cloud tool.

Therefore, it cannot be said that the license for using this tool always costs the same. Roughly, the price range for licenses can vary from hundreds to several thousand dollars per month. As one might guess, the most expensive plans are purchased by the largest retail companies, such as American Express, Bayer, or L’Oreal, operating on a global scale.

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There are numerous options and dependencies. You can find the most up-to-date information on license prices on the Salesforce website.