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Job description & responsibilities:

Are you a Salesforce consultant specializing in one of its products? Have you managed Salesforce projects, worked with enterprise clients, or have been programming in Apex for several years? If you are one of these people and:

  • you are looking for a chance to build your portfolio in cooperation with recognizable brands;
  • you prefer to work on an hourly basis and on a fixed-time contract or;
  • you have other reasons why working within a specific project fascinates you, then reach out to us!

Briefly describe your expectations and project preferences, as well as your rate and the length of the project you are interested in. Also introduce yourself, write a few sentences about your experience and what you specialize in. There is a good chance that we will be perfectly suited to your needs!

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Hiring Process

CV screening

First call

First meeting with manager

Task to do

Final decision.

CV screening

First call

First meeting with manager

Task to do

Final decision.

Other Work Opportunities

Become a Business Consultant

As a Business Consultant, your role will be to define a customers’ business problems and translate these into specific business requirements.

Become a Developer

You will be developing solutions for customers in Salesforce technology and providing technical support within customer projects.

Become a Sales & Marketing

As a member of a Growth Team, you’re responsible for Cloudity’s development while
collaborating with the Marketing Team.

Join As Freelancer

Are you a Salesforce consultant specializing in a specific field? Have you managed Salesforce projects or have experience programming in Apex? Apply below.

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