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Rapid Pardot implementation for the game changer from Austria

Authentic Vision enables companies to protect their intellectual property and brands from counterfeiting with a mobile product authentication solution. First and foremost Authentic Vision needed to improve marketing automation tool implementation. They needed a tool which could help them automate specific marketing processes and get better alignment between website activities, marketing communication and sales representatives actions.

We liked Cloudity’s agile approach to system implementation process. They were able to set up the tool and customize the process for our purposes really quickly. For us, it’s crucial that our team uses the tool and sees the actual value. The biggest win for our team is the time they are able to save time thanks to Pardot and Cloudity’s implementation.- Ivar van Dijk, Head of Product Management at Authentic Vision

Authentic Vision’s success – case study Salesforce

We encourage you to read the case study of the Pardot implementation in Authentic Vision. Within a few weeks after the initial contact the company was ready to save time with automated communication and gather more relevant data about interactions and customer journeys. Read more!