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Salesforce provides Maritech with seamless customer relationship management

Maritech is a fast-growing provider of innovative software and IoT solutions for companies in the seafood and logistics industry. The company has a worldwide network of locations, partners, and customers, with its offices in Norway, North America, Iceland and Chile.

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legacy CRM was not fit for their business processes no tool configured for their work model;
no ability to work on leads – the whole lead process was not defined;
limited reporting capabilities, lack of detail regarding:

closed business opportunities (revenue, product group),
onboarding process – limited visibility on projects (statuses, phases, quantity in a given market, etc.);

lack of integration between marketing and CRM.


Project scope

preparing the org for future Revenue Cloud iimplementation;
implementation of a customized Salesforce Sales Cloud platform (Lead, Opportunity, Account, Forecasting, Reports & Dashboards, Sales Productivity, Data Migration);
integration with SalesScreen;
integration with HubSpot;
integration with Outlook.



360-degree view on the client, structured customer journey – the tool allowing effective management of customers and visibility on the full process;
clear, customized reporting, possibility to create new reports;
flawless information flow between systems (Sales Cloud, HubSpot, SalesScreen);
time-saving on manual activities such as entering information separately into several systems;
a scalable system, fully prepared for expansion into other markets with all the processes defined and implementation of Salesforce CPQ

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Technology Industy  I  Avrios Success Story


  • waste of time on preparing offers,
  • e-signature tool not integrated with the sales process,
  • inconsistent SaaS metrics,
  • frequent human errors during quote preparation,
  • quote templates stored as Word documents (manual updates necessary),
  • limitations on available pricing methods,
  • no standard place to track the Quotes history,
  • time-consuming review of agreement details (products/terms…),
  • lack of streamlined process for subscription management (e.g. upsell, cross sell),
  • no automatically triggered renewal process – obstructed revenue forecasting.

Project scope

  • The implementation of:
    1. CPQ for New Business as well as Amendment and Renewal processes:
      1. Quote Approval Process configured,
      2. Product Catalog configuration for recurring business,
      3. Opportunity and Quoting process automations,
      4. Order / Contract process automations,
      5. Amendment / Renewal process automations,
      6. SaaS metrics calculation.
    2. Easily configurable CPQ Quote Templates and integration with DocuSign e-signature solution for sending the Quote PDF.
  • The project also included:
    1. The calculation of CPQ Contracts and Subscriptions for legacy Contracts migration from FinancialForce,
    2. Support in integrating NetSuite with Salesforce.


  • Full financial picture of the Company,
  • Accurate contractual data,
  • Reduced manual work,
  • Facilitated monitoring of sales deals,
  • Easily customizable reports,
  • SaaS metrics (ARR, Churn) calculated accurately,
  • Many automations built – everyday work is now easier.

Klas Vangen

Vice President Global Sales

What does our client say?

The Cloudity Team was very efficient, structured, and easy to communicate with.