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Huseierne took a digital path to enhance the value proposition for their members and employees with Salesforce technology

Huseierne is a non-governmental organization that offers legal advisory services to its members and focuses on educating Norway’s citizens on different civic topics in the form of newsletters, articles, workshops, and courses.

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lack of a system that would fulfill all aspects of customer management and marketing automation;
lack of insights about customer behaviors;
too many systems requiring manual maintenance; 
the desire for a simple system that meets the needs of all departments and is easy to learn.


Project scope

Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation:

automated journeys (email/SMS) for different purposes serving Huseierne members;
providing innovative solutions for Customer Service communication with members and the Marketing Automation app on the Salesforce platform;

Service Cloud implementation – for the purpose of customer management handling cases (legal) membership management and other;
Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation – platform for all members (250 000) to handle key processes and collaborate with Huseierne specialists;
Heroku app – integration with the external database.



all the records are kept in one place;
all-in-one CRM solution addressing the needs of customer service, legal and marketing matters;
automated marketing journeys;
having more advanced features and creating
sophisticated logic for the marketing journeys and dynamic content in emails.

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  • waste of time on preparing offers,
  • e-signature tool not integrated with the sales process,
  • inconsistent SaaS metrics,
  • frequent human errors during quote preparation,
  • quote templates stored as Word documents (manual updates necessary),
  • limitations on available pricing methods,
  • no standard place to track the Quotes history,
  • time-consuming review of agreement details (products/terms…),
  • lack of streamlined process for subscription management (e.g. upsell, cross sell),
  • no automatically triggered renewal process – obstructed revenue forecasting.

Project scope

  • The implementation of:
    1. CPQ for New Business as well as Amendment and Renewal processes:
      1. Quote Approval Process configured,
      2. Product Catalog configuration for recurring business,
      3. Opportunity and Quoting process automations,
      4. Order / Contract process automations,
      5. Amendment / Renewal process automations,
      6. SaaS metrics calculation.
    2. Easily configurable CPQ Quote Templates and integration with DocuSign e-signature solution for sending the Quote PDF.
  • The project also included:
    1. The calculation of CPQ Contracts and Subscriptions for legacy Contracts migration from FinancialForce,
    2. Support in integrating NetSuite with Salesforce.


  • Full financial picture of the Company,
  • Accurate contractual data,
  • Reduced manual work,
  • Facilitated monitoring of sales deals,
  • Easily customizable reports,
  • SaaS metrics (ARR, Churn) calculated accurately,
  • Many automations built – everyday work is now easier.

Christian Mjelde

Manager of the IT Department

What does our client say?

Cloudity gave us a very good start using Salesforce Service and Marketing Cloud. I would highly recommend this company to other customers. Although we are a company located in Norway, it was no problem to work with Cloudity, which has offices in Poland and Sweden.