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3 ways to close SaaS deals faster with Salesforce Revenue Cloud

How long does it take to close a deal in your company? Whatever the exact answer, the message behind it is probably: ‘TOO long’. Selling is a race against time and it’s no surprise that you want to speed up your processes. But simply telling your employees to work faster won’t do the trick. Even the most skillful drivers won’t win the competition if they do not have a good enough car. And similarly, the most motivated and hard-working team won’t alone make your company come first on the SaaS market. Unless you provide them with the state-of-the-art system that facilitates efficient selling. Below we described 3 ideas of how one of the sales tools superstars – Salesforce Revenue Cloud – can help close SaaS deals faster and move your business into the fast lane.

Reduce the number of products available while quoting

For the Product to be sold, it must first be chosen from the Product Catalogue. Many times entries stored in spreadsheets are just different flavours of one product.  They differ in attributes like subscription period, client location, or size. Some variations are not even sold anymore and are kept only for billing purposes in case of legacy deals. As a result of displaying all these data, the Catalogue grows helplessly. And to find one service, sales reps need to scroll through hundreds of irrelevant options which is both time-consuming and frustrating. 

To avoid losses in productivity, Salesforce Revenue Cloud brings the possibility to keep your Product Catalogue simple and quick to search through. In case the same service has different selling options, pricing is automatically adjusted based on the chosen attributes. If there are any options that can only be sold as part of the bundle, they will show up only if the parent option is selected. This way your reps don’t get lost in oversized spreadsheets and can focus on the meaningful conversations with clients to deliver the best customer value and build long-lasting relationships instead.

Automate Quote correctness to close SaaS deals faster

Selling is not a piece of cake. Especially considering the complexity of the technical details and dependencies of the SaaS products. These, combined with strict business rules and legal regulations, leave ample room for human errors. Wrong Quotes not only make you look unprofessional and incompetent in the customers’ eyes but also take unnecessary time to correct the mistake. 

This is why Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides you with Constraints, Product, and Price Rules that automatically enforce Quotes’ accuracy. These are configured in accordance with your company business’ logic so that only options that are reasonable and coherent can be sold together. This solution does not only regain your time spent on flawed Quotes adjustments but also makes it a breeze to onboard a new sales rep. What used to take hours of intense training in the past, becomes a child’s play now!

Automate Quote signature and close won processes

But even the best offer is meaningless if it is not eventually signed. To win over the client, the proposal should be presented in the most convincing way possible. For that reason sales reps spend long hours in text editors, carefully creating tables with the purchased items, intently updating their pricing and Contract details. Once the PDF is ready, they email it to the client and wait for their acceptance. 

They wait,

and wait,

but wait… is there actually still anything they need to do? Of course, processes like ordering, billing, and accounting are not completed yet but who said they must be done by an employee? The good news is that all of these processes can be easily performed automatically in Salesforce Revenue Cloud once the client signs the Quote Document. The actions can proceed in real-time thanks to the e-signature tool integration, available directly within the CRM platform. And it’s not only about e-signing but also the whole process of Quote PDF preparation. Easily configurable, record-based dynamic Quote Templates come as part of the solution too!

No more unnecessary manual work. No more wasted time.

And remember: time is money.

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Article by Maria Bajena